6 Practical Tips to Get a Movie Wedding Video

Practical suggestions to improve your wedding video

We inaugurate our Blog with some practical tips to get a movie wedding videography, accompanied of course, by a good professional who does the job. We do not like to give advice, we prefer to receive them; are just some practical suggestions that we came up with the experience and the various types of problems when recording.

1- Time: it is very important to have enough time to record or photograph without excessive haste to get good shots or good photos. The day of the wedding is, in many occasions, a day with enough stress and with a lot of haste. Therefore, we prefer that we over time to lack. One of the most delicate moments is the entrance of the bride and to get there having controlled the light, people etc that time is needed that sometimes (many times) we do not have because the bride finishes dressing and makeup a few minutes from the ceremony. All this is avoided by beginning the preparations before.

2- Light: for us, light is one of the most important things when it comes to recording. In the house of the couple we always ask for the room with more natural light because it enriches the video in a significant way. In case of farms and hotels we almost always have a privileged light.

3- Prepare the spaces at home before the arrival of the wedding videography or photographer. Keep in mind that everything that we have in view will be recorded. Many times we find many things in between and we waste time in hiding them. It's normal because we're not used to recording in our homes; a jacket behind the door or a box over the closet forms part of the foundations of the house. If we know it, we gain time.

4- Confetti better than rice. We are nobody to change traditions but we suggest the use of confetti that is photographically very grateful. The rice can be an extra and everyone happy.

5- Take time after the ceremony for some photos and some videos only of the couple while there is clarity. Sometimes only 20 minutes with the couple alone in a beautiful environment improve the beauty of the final work by 50%. To achieve this, we have to take it into account when planning.

6-  Enjoy the day of the wedding  that is unique and unrepeatable. Do not let the wedding videography or photographer steal you a lot of time.

Posted on October 05, 2018 at 02:20 PM