3 Tips to Improve the Visibility of your Videos

The central objective of producing a video is to accelerate the growth of the company, no matter what kind of video it is. The goal is to inspire your clients or potential clients to advance to the next logical step.

This is why the videos need to be easily accessible. Unfortunately, we have noticed that many companies put their corporate videos at the end of their website or hidden in a page that does not have much traffic.

Below we will show you the tips that you must take into account to have greater visibility in your videos. These tips are based on the five factors that Google indicated in a study about the visibility of online advertising in video format .

1) The percentage of view of the video

To improve the visibility and positioning of your videos, these should appear on the first screenshot of your website. Videos are the most attractive form of content, therefore, why not want it to be visible to everyone. Avoid locating your videos at the end of the page, nor do you have them as a hyperlink. Also, never assume that people will find your videos on their own, as they will not.

2) Make your videos show on any screen

Mobile devices (such as cell phones and tablets) are taking over the online. And what do you think is what most people do on these devices? Well watch videos, many videos. Moreover, 81% of the videos viewed online are viewed through a mobile device.

Watching videos on mobile devices is simple, time is saved and there are more possibilities for people to share them with others; In addition, they can take it with them to wherever they go. Basically it is a gold mine, therefore, making the content of your video see on these devices is crucial.

3) Fewer clicks more visits

If you do not encourage your visitors to watch the content of your videos, they will not do it on their own. Hiding your video behind a hyperlink or a call to action that says "watch video" (or any similar call to action) only increases the difficulty for people to see your videos.

Why strive so hard to produce a good video, if then you go hide and wait for people to click. The less work you give your visitors, the better results you will get. The only thing you should expect your visitors to do is press the play button.

Posted on July 25, 2018 at 01:20 PM