Graphic Design Tips for Those Who do Not Notice Anything

Having trouble shaping your message on a blank page? Are not always noticeable design rules to follow?

Are you still in constant struggle with the fonts to use in your text?

Well, I hope to clarify some of these issues over the next few paragraphs.

Are you ready? Let's get to it!


1. Use icons to reinforce your message

One of the lessons we learned from studying design is that the icons work like a kind of black pepper, as they can be sprinkled on top of whatever design you are preparing to give you that special, unique taste that will make all the difference.

True, the icons add an extra flavor to your design, ensuring it is appreciated by the recipient of the message.

Where to find icons? On the Internet there are lots of libraries with ready-to-use files. One of the most used is , a site that presents vector icons on a wide range of subjects.

2. Follow your own graphic design rules

Rules? Are there even rules in graphic design? Well, the truth is there are ... those you set for yourself!

These will probably not be specific rules.

But cases where your design uses a certain set of colors, lines, textures, etc.

If you are committed to following this set of choices, do not give up half choosing instead to follow another style. Stay consistent from the moment you set your "design rules" to ensure consistency in your overall image.

3. Clean and restart

If you are working on multiple projects within an advertising campaign, website or other project - it may be easier for you to clean up everything in front of you and start over again, always returning to a common base for all the content you want to create.

That is, copy your design and then just change the elements you need to change.

Do not be creating everything at the root! This ensures that the formatting will always be the same, even if you change the content.

4. Use multiple sources

The question of sources is always delicate, but try not to limit yourself to a single source ... or overuse!

Fonts can add a lot of variety, while still maintaining consistency in the message and design you want to convey. The key to success lies in using the text from a single "family" source.

An example of a "family" font would be Arial, which has the basic Arial font along with variants such as Arial Black, Arial Narrow and Arial Rounded MT Bold. These fonts appear different.

However, there is a common thread between them that will give a sense of consistency when used on projects.

5. Make the most of the contrasts

Using contrasts helps add "attitude" to your project, as well as certain elements that stand out.

There are many ways to generate contrasts as well. You can use contrasting colors, fonts or even contrast in the amount of space between the items in your design.

Think of it in a real world context and you'll see why it makes sense. A person six feet tall (the fighter Andre the Giant, for example, or basketball player Yao Ming) are striking because they contrast with the general population. The same applies to elements contrasting with its design.

Posted on July 24, 2018 at 05:56 PM