Develop a Sophisticated, Duplicating, Geometric Pattern in Photoshop

For a lot of, the idea of producing a complicated geometric pattern in Photoshop might seem to be a daunting endeavor. While intricate designs might seem complicated, the techniques used to create them are not really that improved. In this tutorial, we'll use vector contours to create a sophisticated geometric pattern, without the usage of any plugins or special effects. Let us get started!

The design is created of three geometrical things. We'll begin by making the lowest thing as it's the most straightforward. We're going to get many things. It is almost always advisable to arrange your layers. Make new group layer by simply clicking on folder icon in lower part of Layers panel. Double click to name it little design.

Activate Ellipse Tool from Toolbar. Click once on middle of the canvas. A dialog box will pop up asking the ellipse parameters. Input 40 pixels to make a circle contour. Choose From Centre to make it set at centre of the canvas. Click OK.

Now, let us work on our second item. Develop a group called med design. The measures are comparatively much like the first item. We'll draw lots of circles and polygons, then duplicate and rotate them. Conceal the very first item by simply clicking the eye icon in the Layers panel.

Congratulations! Now you understand the best way to create a seamless geometric pattern. In the beginning, it may have looked like a sophisticated procedure, but now you understand it is a mix of drawing, duplicating, and transforming things. I am hoping you enjoyed this tutorial and may make use of the techniques you learned to produce your own replicating patterns in Photoshop. !

Posted on March 15, 2014 at 11:09 PM