Colorize a Black and White Photograph in Paint Shop Pro

A lot of you've seen pictures which are black and white that have color in them someplace. This is a spectacular effect that could make for some eye catching and unique photos. It is a reasonably easy procedure using Corel's Paint Shop Pro X3 photo editing applications.

I will show you only the best way to do this technique in PSP with this post. I also have a YouTube video here for you to in order to additionally present the photo editing procedure that you'll need to learn to be able to master this editing technique. !

The very first thing we should do with our image after we open it up within the Paint Shop Pro X3 applications would be to click on layers and after that duplicate. You'll afterward see on the right hand on the display to photos of the vase. One says background as well as the other says copy of background.

Layers are the key to having the capacity to do this magic trick. Think of it as basically having two images putting on top of each other. Once you comprehend this theory the things we will do next will be straightforward.

Once we've out two layers, the following thing we have to do would be to turn the top layer into a black and white photograph. Again, this really is simple to do in Paint Shop Pro. We'll go to Effects > Photo Effects > Black and White Picture.

This may pop up a window with a color wheel you could fix the black and white shading. I only straightforward click ok here. Following that, the top layer as well as the present picture that you simply see within the editor will currently be black and white.

Now that we've our black and white layer in addition to of color backdrop layer, we'll need to zoom in on our picture by simply utilizing the mouse wheel. After we're zoomed in on a portion of the picture that we should colorize (in this particular instance, the top rose in the vase) then we'll have to click on the eraser tool on our tool bar on the left hand side. !

See the directions in Paint Shop Pro to help us on the left hand side. We can resize our "brush" which in this event will be a circle readily by holding the ALT key down and left clicking on our mouse and then dragging the mouse up and down. You need to see the size of the circle change. This may be important to do as you'll need to make the brush smaller to carefully erase the black and white top layer round the borders of the blossom. We'll be erasing the top black and white off of the reddish coloured flower petals of the red roses. !

Now we're all set up to begin erasing the parts of our black and white picture to get colour in them. We would like the reddish coloured rose petal to shine through in our black and white photograph so we really just have to attentively zoom in and erase all of the parts where we need the colour to "glow through." Itis an enjoyable procedure and you'll be able to try and see what works best. Should you not enjoy something our wreck up simply hit the reverse button and try again. There are endless possibilities with this particular easy photo editing magic trick. I understand that when you get the hang of it that you may love it and it might wind up being one of your favourite techniques.

The sample closing picture here additionally has the green from the stalks of the roses revealing too. These forms of choices will have to be made by you when you are making your own unique masterpiece using this easy photo editing technique utilizing the Paint Shop Pro applications. I hope you've got fun with this and make sure you view my YouTube video that presents the whole procedure revealed here in the post. Thanks again.

Posted on May 15, 2015 at 11:44 PM